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StandArt Pocket Fair

The fair is focused on affordable contemporary Russian art at a price range below 75 thousand rubles (approximately 1 thousand US dollars). Modest in size the fair presents best contemporary Russian artists. Every visitor can become a collector by getting one of the works and making a contribution into the future of Russian art. 

StandArt Atlas: About

The first edition of the fair took place at Berthold Center in Saint Petersburg from the 4th to the 6th of June, 2021. The event became a part of SPIEF Cultural Programme «Petersburg Seasons» and the first Russia art fair that exhibited NFT-works alongside more traditional art.

Key fair principles conveyed in its title that plays with the semantics of the word “pocket” that includes “the amount of money available for spending” and “a group that is different from what surrounds it”.


• concept “pocket” - an intimate exhibition space 

• concept “the amount of money available for spending” - affordable art that you can by with money from your “pocket”, prices below 75 thousand rubbles (approximately 1 thousand dollars)

• concept “a group that is different from what surrounds it” - collectors who are breaking the stereotype that collecting is an exclusive pursuit of the privileged class

One of the main goals of the fair is to introduce a new term: pocket-collector. Pocket-collector is a person whose collection is built around young and affordable, yet bright and recognizable artists. 


If collecting is affordable, what does prevent people from buying art?


 • a fear of looking incompetent in the art world

 • a stereotype that buy art is a high-class pursuit


StandArt Pocket Fair will help you to overcome these barriers.


All art historical research has been done for you. You can be sure to be buying valuable art works and rely only on your personal taste and feelings when making a purchase. 

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