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Anna Filonenko

Foundation founder, author of the fair idea 



Anna received B.A. (hons) in Art History from New York University. Her senior thesis on Russian avant-garde art was sponsored by the College of Arts and Science. 

She worked in a number of leading art institutions including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and The Armory Show.

“The mission of our foundation is to support the promotion of contemporary Russian art. Our country has remarkable art history, but it shall stop dwelling on the past. We are dedicated to contribute to the identity of contemporary Russian art and its future victories.”

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Daria Tretyakova

Co-auther of the concept, co-director of the fair



Daria have graduated from Russian State Institute of Performing Arts with specialty in producing. In her thesis she developed an authentic method for analysis of theater billboard as means of visual communications. Daria worked in the film industry (Saint Petersburg International Film Festival) as well as in independent theater projects (MRT-theater, Praegresus among others).

“The most important thing about our fair is the concept of affordability. Art shouldn’t be uncomfortable with it. Affordability doesn’t mean marginal or primitive, but rather open and authentic, able to capture and lead. It’s great that our fair speaks to visitors with different levels of understanding of the art world. I’m confident that everyone will be able to find something for themselves.”

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Ekaterina Ilina




Ekaterina have graduated from Russian State Institute of Performing Arts with specialty in producing. 

She worked at various cultural institutions, including the Lensovet St. Petersburg State Academic Theatre and the Ludwig Noble Foundation, and the GS Group Holding. 

During her time in marketing, Ekaterina realized that she is more passionate about exploring tools of visual communication and ways in which it can facilitate effective interaction with the audience. She got qualifications in motion design, 3D graphics and graphic design from the Netology and the Motion Design School.

«My past experiences have greatly helped me to create not only a visually appealing, but also very effective visual concept for the fair. It translates core values of the brand such as affordability. I also wanted to highlight the free spirit of the fair and the sense of youthfulness of the contemporary art.»

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