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Animated Ecologies 
in Russia

from Vladivostok to Saint Petersburg

StandArt Foundation for Contemporary Arts is an official representative of Animated Ecologies in Russia. 

Please email us at for further details.

Animated Ecologies, an initiative of The Flower Project, is an exercise in community building through artistic collaboration and testimony. We bring together filmmakers, animators, ecologists and philosophers from around the globe and across the divisions within our societies, to address the causes and consequences of climate change and mass extinction.  Working through visual storytelling, we provide a framework for those within our communities to transform what they have felt, recognized and understood into films that have the power to reconfigure the present and reform the future.  A just, pluralistic and sustainable world is possible, and we will animate it into existence. 


We are offering on-line workshops in sustainable, low-cost filmmaking, animation, and unique, natural photographic printing techniques. Select a la carte, take the full workshop series, or go a step further and become part of our film production support network via our Pro Pass.

StandArt Foundation
for Contemporary Arts

Our mission is to support the promotion of contemporary Russian art both in Russia and overseas. 

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Our projects are focused on exhibiting contemporary Russian art and documenting its development with art historical materials. We believe in the great potential of contemporary Russian art brand and want to be a part of its growth.


Our exhibitions aim to showcase most significant art works of the contemporary Russian art to the international audience.

Art Fairs

StandArt Pocket Fair is an affordable contemporary Russian art fair that is dedicated to help new collectors get around the art world and make their first purchases. It takes place in Saint Petersburg and covers a large range of works by prominent Russian artists priced below one thousand dollars.


StandArt Magazine is a research resource for the international curatorial community to discover reflections on contemporary Russian art by local art historians and art history students.

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